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September 29, 2006  |  Email This Article   |  Print This Article

TRAI sets terms for India auction

NEW DELHI (WiMAX Day). The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has released the Recommendations on Allocation and pricing of spectrum that was announced on 19th September. The TRAI confirmed that it recommends the spectrum 2.32.4 GHz, 2.5–2.69 GHz, 3.3–2.4 GHz and 3.4–3.8 GHz as being suitable for WiMAX. TRAI suggested that 200 MHz of spectrum should be made available immediately, and an additional 100 MHz made available in 2010. In the allocation of spectrum, TRAI recommended that 15MHz be available per operator in a contiguous block, and 12 blocks would be allocated to operators in large cities on a regional basis. One block of 15MHz should be allocated to operators who may deploy a network in cities with population under 1 million. The minimum pricing for the spectrum TRAI recommended that for main cities each 15 MHz block should cost 100 million Rs (US$2.1 million), secondary areas at 50 million Rs and the third area at 20 million Rs.