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December 20, 2007  |  Email This Article   |  Print This Article

SFR bids US$6.3B for Neuf

PARIS (WiMAX Day). The French telecoms and media group Vivendi announced that SFR, the GSM operator it co-owns with Vodafone Group, will make a bid to acquire the outstanding shares of the French alternative telecoms operator Neuf Cegetel. SFR already owns 40.5% of Neuf. Jean-Bernard Levy, Vivendi’s CEO, said today “This investment is a very attractive opportunity for Vivendi to strengthen its position and development in one of its main business sectors.” Amongst the subsidiaries of SFR and Neuf includes Société Haut Débit (SHD), a joint venture owned by the two companies that holds licenses to 3.5 GHz spectrum in the centre of France and along the Côte d’Azur. SHD has been testing WiMAX at various locations in France, and has said that it will deploy WiMAX at 443 sites over the next six years. Neuf also owns LD Collectivités, which has been active in the design and construction of several WiMAX networks for regional authorities in France.