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January 14, 2008  |  Email This Article   |  Print This Article

Norby Telecom acquires 2.3 GHz spectrum in Estonia

TALLINN (WiMAX Day). The Estonian WiMAX network operator Norby Telecom AS, announced today that it has acquired a license for 2.3 GHz spectrum.

The 2.3 GHz licence was acquired from GVS, a small service provider in Estonia, and is the only national 2.3 GHz license in Estonia, giving Norby coverage of the entire territory.

“Holding the licence in 2.3GHz frequency band is very important for us”, said Oleg Shvaikovsky, CEO of Norby Telecom. “This helps us to deploy our goal to become a leading WiMAX service provider in Baltic States.”

Norby is already the leading provider of fixed WiMAX services in Estonia, using a 3.5 GHz frequency. This network has been constructed with great success during the last year with equipment from Alvarion.

The 2.3 GHz frequency is an IMT spectrum band approved for mobile use, and “is perfect range for providing mobile WiMAX services… now we can provide either fixed or mobile data communication services to our customers,” said Shvaikovsky.

The company intends to deploy a network using this spectrum with equipment based on the 802.16e standard for mobile WiMAX services. As for the equipment supplier, “the vendor selection is underway,” according to Karel Kannel, Norby’s director of strategy.

This is not the first acquisition for Norby. The company has been expanding rapidly over the last year, partly through a string of strategic acquisitions. The company also has been building a WiMAX network in Latvia.

The company has also acquired the Metroo data communications network of Microlink Lithuania UAB. This provided a base for bidding on 3.5 GHz spectrum in Lithuania that was awarded to the company at auction late last year, in partnership with Nelte and MicroLink, against many local incumbents.

As it expands its network and adds mobility to its service offering, Norby plans substantial investments in WiMAX over the next few years to complete its pan-Baltic network.