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April 10, 2008  |  Email This Article   |  Print This Article

Ultravisión plans network expansion

MEXICO CITY (WiMAX Day). The pay TV operator Ultravisión announced that it will expand its WiMAX network in Mexico with an investment of 200 million Pesos (USD 18 million).

The company currently operates a network in five cities. Expansion will bring its WiMAX service to 14 cities by the end of 2008. According to several reports, Ultravisión Vice President Patricio Zorrilla said this week that the company will participate in the auction of 3.5 GHz spectrum licenses later this year. “We want to expand our coverage and we are preparing to participate in the tender for WiMAX frequencies,” said Zorrilla.

If Ultravisión is successful in obtaining more spectrum, it can expand its network to more lucrative markets such as Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey.