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August 28, 2008  |  Email This Article   |  Print This Article

Xohm announces partners for WiMAX services

HERNDON (WiMAX Day). The Xohm business unit of Sprint Nextel announced today a stellar line-up of new ecosystem partners that will provide location-based services to customers of its WiMAX network, which is slated for commercial launch in September. “We’re creating a new dimension to online presence, making points of interest near your current location easy to identify and access,” said Rick Robinson, vice president of XOHM Services. “This ‘geobrowsing’ effect provides location context and will give XOHM members a richer personal broadband experience when they’re mobile.”

The services are expected to span numerous devices, and Xohm will offer APIs that will add more service developers and device partners. The services will be made available through a Xohm portal, initially provided by leading companies such as uLocate Communications, Yelp, Topix, NAVTEQ , Google, AccuWeather, Openwave Systems and Autodesk.