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Sprint says WiMAX is here and it works

April 23, 2008, WASHINGTON, DC (WIMAX DAY). Speaking at a meeting of the Wireless Communications Association (WCA) yesterday, Sprint Nextel CTO Barry West said "the big announcement is that WiMAX is here and it works.” As the head ... continue...

Samsung selected to supply mobile WiMAX platform to UQ

April 23, 2008, TOKYO (WiMAX Day). Samsung Electronics announced that it will provide its mobile WiMAX platform to UQ Communications, the KDDI-Intel WiMAX joint venture in Japan. Samsung will provide its mobile WiMAX Wave 2 base station systems. ... continue...

Taiwan WiMAX consortium formed

April 16, 2008, TAIPEI (WiMAX Day). Four WiMAX license holders in Taiwan have joined forces to form the Consortium for Mobile Broadband. Members of the Consortium include First International Telecom (Fitel), Global Mobile, Vastar Cable TV System, and ... continue...

Altitude will double network size

April 16, 2008, PARIS (WiMAX Day). The WiMAX operator Altitude Telecom announced last week that it will double the number of base stations in its network this year to 600. The company said that it is having considerable ... continue...

DBD gets VoiceMAX from Airspan

April 16, 2008, HEIDELBERG (WiMAX Day). Airspan Networks announced today that Deutsche Breitband Dienste GmbH (DBD) of Germany has purchased Airspan's carrier-grade VoIP solution known as VoiceMAX. DBD began working with Airspan last year and ordered 500 base ... continue...

British Telecom unveils WiMAX intentions

April 13, 2008, LONDON (WiMAX Day). British Telecom (BT) has made two separate announcements this month confirming its interest in WiMAX. Last week, Ian Livingston, who will soon replace Ben Verwaayen as chief executive at BT, told the ... continue...

Golden Telecom plans mobile WiMAX launch in Ukraine

April 9, 2008, KIEV (WiMAX Day). The Ukraine subsidiary of Russia's Golden Telecom is planning to launch a mobile WiMAX network in six Ukrainian cities by the end of 2008. Vladislav Onipko, Deputy General Director of Golden Telecom, said ... continue...

Intel and Telefonica sign strategic agreement

April 9, 2008, MIAMI (WiMAX Day). Telefonica, the international telecommunications group, and Intel Corporation announced today that they have signed an agreement to collaborate on several initiatives that will "expand the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) ... continue...

WiMAX Network Operator Stocks

AT&T38.59   +0.29
Austar0.00   +0.00
Axtel Cpo18.59   -1.14
B C E Inc35.76   -0.49
Bollore139.85   +0.14
Brasil Telecom Part.72.33   +0.35
Cable & Wireless149.70   -2.40
China Mobile Limi86.11   -0.76
China Netcom23.90   -0.25
China Unicom16.80   -0.14
Clearwire Corp15.17   +0.24
Comstar UTS9.71   -0.04
Craig Wireless Sy2.50   +0.00
Embratel Par-on7.35   +0.05
Far Eastone Telec49.80   +0.00
3065.two0.00   +0.00
France Telecom Ad31.12   -0.33
Iliad68.54   -0.51
KT Corp22.81   -0.45
Maxis Comm BHD0.00   +0.00
Neuf Cegetel N35.81   +0.00
Nextwave Wireless6.34   -0.15
Nippon Telephone 21.78   +0.02
Hellenic Tele Ads14.54   +0.02
Rogers Wireless43.98   +1.67
SK Telecom0.00   +0.00
Softbank Corp Ord19.80   +0.00
Sprint Nxtel Cp8.08   +0.30
Swisscom N363.75   +0.00
Tatung Co Ltd Twd18.60   +0.05
Tecom Co Twd1022.10   +0.25
Telecom Sao Paulo25.17   -1.13
Telefonica Arg Ne11.43   -0.14
Telefonica O2 Cr19.99   +0.17
Teliasonera410.45   +2.51
Telecom NZ3.72   +0.02
Telekom Austria A48.10   +0.55
Telekom Malaysia 3.54   +0.04
Telkom Sa Ltd Ads68.02   +0.36
Telmex35.80   -0.29
Telenor Asa Ads 58.40   +0.80
Unwired Group0.50   +0.00
Vimpel Commun29.17   -0.21
Vivendi25.73   -0.25
Vodafone Grp Plc 31.21   -0.19
Videsh Sanchar Ni484.70   +0.00
Ytl E-solutions B0.45   +0.00