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Austar United Communications Limited
Level 1 46-52 Mountain Street
Ultimo, NSW 2007
Tel. +61-2-92516999
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  Austar is a leading provider of subscription television services in regional and rural Australia, with more than half a million customers enjoying principally satellite digital television services. Internet and mobile telephony services complete Austar's product offering, with a WiMAX based broadband network deployed in 2006. Austar is also a significant provider of programming in the Australian television market through its 50% owned joint venture, XYZnetworks, which owns and/or distributes Nickelodeon, Nick Jr, Discovery Channel, and The Weather Channel, amongst others.

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Optus negotiating with Unwired on WiMAX spectrum

February 4, 2008 , SYDNEY (WiMAX Day). In January, the Australian cable company Austar United Communications Ltd agreed to sell its 2.3 GHz and 3.5 GHz spectrum to OPEL Ventures, owned by telecommunications operators Optus and Elders. The deal ... continue...

Austar sells WiMAX spectrum to OPEL Ventures

January 7, 2008 , SYDNEY (WiMAX Day). The Australian pay TV operator Austar United Communications Ltd announced today that it will sell its radio spectrum holdings to OPEL Ventures, owned by telecommunications operators Optus and Elders. According to an ... continue...

Rival bidders emerge in Australia

October 1, 2007 , SYDNEY (WiMAX Day). It has been rumoured that the Australian telecoms group Optus may make a rival bid for Unwired that will top Seven Networks offer of AUD 127 million. A report in the Sydney ... continue...

Telstra lodges suit against communications minister

August 7, 2007 , SYDNEY (WiMAX Day). Australian telcoms giant Telstra has begun proceedings in the Australian Federal Court against the Australian Communications Minister Helen Coonan. The suit surrounds the recent award of an AU$1 billion WiMAX project to ... continue...

Australia pledges US$1.5b to build obsolete network

June 21, 2007 , SYDNEY (WiMAX Day). The Australian government announced on Monday that it would award US$800 million to OPEL, a joint venture between telecom operators Optus and Elders, to build a WiMAX network that extends broadband connectivity ... continue...

WiMAX scores high marks in Lehman Brothers Asian report

June 5, 2007 , HONG KONG (WiMAX Day). The global investment firm Lehman Brothers released a research note today that boasts significant growth prospects for WiMAX in Asia. The report stated that the Asian markets most likely to derive the ... continue...

Rural broadband from AUSalliance

December 19, 2006 , SYDNEY (WiMAX Day). Australian WiMAX operator Unwired and subscription TV operator Austar have submitted a joint proposal to the Australian government for the Broadband Connect Infrastructure Program (BCIP). The BCIP program is an AU$878 million ... continue...

Austar and Unwired support Woosh

November 22, 2006 , AUCKLAND (WiMAX Day). As Woosh Wireless battles to defend its rights to 2.3 GHz spectrum in New Zealand, the Independent Financial Review reports that Australian companies Austar and Unwired have stood up to support Woosh ... continue...

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