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Dialog launches WiMAX in Sri Lanka

November 1, 2007, Colombo (WiMAX Day). The Sri Lankan telecommunications company Dialog Telekom (a subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia) announced the launch of a WiAMX network. The network will be operated by Dialog Broadband Networks (DBN), a fully owned ... continue...

KT and Sumitomo bet on Uzbekistan WiMAX

October 30, 2007, TASHKENT (WiMAX Day). The Japanese company Sumitomo Corp and Korea Telecom announced today the acquisition of two companies in Uzbekistan for a total of ¥ 8 billion yen (US$69.6 million). The acquisitions will enable Sumitomo ... continue...

Telmex launches mobile WiMAX in Chile

October 25, 2007, SANTIAGO (WiMAX Day). The Mexican telecoms conglomerate Telmex announced that it has launched a mobile WiMAX network in Chile based on the 802.16e mobile standard. According to a report in BNAmericas, executives from Telmex demonstrated ... continue...

More WiMAX investment in Taiwan

October 23, 2007, TAIPEI (WiMAX Day). The The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in Taiwan announced that it agreed with some of the top WiMAX companies in the world that they would work to bring additional WiMAX investments ... continue...

WiMAX comes of age and gains IMT-2000 classification

October 19, 2007, GENEVA (WiMAX Day). At a meeting of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) yesterday, it was agreed that a sixth new standard, “IMT-2000 OFDMA TDD WMAN,” be admitted to the family of IMT-2000 radio interface specifications. IMT-2000 ... continue...

Sprint confirms its WiMAX future

October 19, 2007, RESTON (WiMAX Day). An article yesterday in the Washington Post said that Paul N. Saleh, the interim CEO at Sprint Nextel following the departure of Gary Forsee, confirmed the company's commitment to building a nationwide ... continue...

Altitude grabs muni WiMAX contracts

October 19, 2007, PARIS (WiMAX Day). The Conseil Général of the region Deux-Sèvres in France, has chosen Altitude Telecom to build and operate their municipal WiMAX network. Deux-Sèvres is located in the West of France, in the region ... continue...

Bolloré Télécom testing WiMAX in Paris with Motorola

October 18, 2007, PARIS (WiMAX Day). It's been more than 35 years since the singer Joe Dassin convinced the world that everything one desires can be had on the Champs-Elysées. In the sunshine, in the rain, from midday ... continue...

WiMAX Network Operator Stocks

AT&T37.63   +0.18
Austar1.56   -0.01
Axtel Cpo24.81   +0.07
B C E Inc40.35   +0.41
Bollore134.37   -0.63
Brasil Telecom Part.70.74   -0.43
Cable & Wireless181.50   -2.20
China Mobile Limi84.05   +2.78
China Netcom21.40   +0.15
China Unicom14.36   +0.36
Clearwire Corp12.40   +0.23
Comstar UTS11.10   -0.20
Craig Wireless Sy4.04   -0.01
Embratel Par-on7.25   +0.00
Far Eastone Telec38.50   +0.00
3065.two0.00   +0.00
France Telecom Ad38.03   -0.71
Iliad69.00   +5.33
KT Corp27.67   +2.95
Maxis Comm BHD3.22   +0.00
Neuf Cegetel N34.04   +0.15
Nextwave Wireless5.63   +0.15
Nippon Telephone 22.69   +0.15
Hellenic Tele Ads18.69   -0.02
Rogers Wireless44.59   +1.15
SK Telecom0.00   +0.00
Softbank Corp Ord21.80   +0.80
Sprint Nxtel Cp15.08   +0.23
Swisscom N410.00   +4.50
Tatung Co Ltd Twd15.60   -0.50
Tecom Co Twd1022.30   -0.30
Telecom Sao Paulo27.46   -0.05
Telefonica Arg Ne12.63   -0.17
Telefonica O2 Cr20.24   +0.45
Teliasonera410.45   +2.51
Telecom NZ4.27   +0.07
Telekom Austria A59.65   +2.15
Telekom Malaysia 10.50   +0.10
Telkom Sa Ltd Ads98.63   +3.38
Telmex35.49   +1.12
Telenor Asa Ads 71.10   +2.85
Unwired Fpo0.50   +0.00
Vimpel Commun32.72   +1.67
Vivendi30.52   +0.32
Vodafone Grp Plc 38.38   +0.60
Videsh Sanchar Ni525.65   +10.20
Ytl E-solutions B0.56   -0.01