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Global Mobile launches WiMAX content alliance in Taiwan

October 17, 2007, TAIPEI (WiMAX Day). The Taiwanese company Global On announced at a press conference in Taipei yesterday that it has changed its name to Global Mobile Corp, and it will build a digital content business for ... continue...

Clearwire offers PC Card access

October 17, 2007, KIRKLAND (WiMAX Day). In an effort to offer customers greater portability and ease of use for its services, Clearwire Corp is offering a PC Card to enable access to its high-speed network. The PC Card ... continue...

Vodafone WiMAX network expands to Gozo in Malta

October 16, 2007, VALLETTA (WiMAX Day). The roll-out of WiMAX services for Vodafone in Malta is moving ahead of schedule, and rapidly winning the hearts of subscribers. Vodafone announced this week that it will launch WiMAX in the ... continue...

Summa plans Moscow WiMAX

October 16, 2007, MOSCOW (WiMAX Day). Russian telecoms group Summa Telecom has selected three equipment vendors to build a pilot WiMAX network in Moscow. According to a report in Vedomosti, Summa will launch pilots with Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel and ... continue...

Max Telecom deploys WiMAX with Navini

October 16, 2007, SOFIA (WiMAX Day). Max Telecom will deploy its national WiMAX network in Bulgaria using equipment supplied from Navini. A press release from Navini said that the network will cover 2.2 million people in Bulgaria, and ... continue...

Minister says Italian WiMAX auction set for January 2008

October 12, 2007, MILAN (WiMAX Day). The Italian Ministry of Communications (Agcom) announced yesterday that licenses for 3.4 ~ 3.6 GHz WiMAX spectrum will be auctioned in January 2008. The long anticipated auction will draw interest from international ... continue...

uboWireless delivers AUD$7 million savings to Unwired

October 11, 2007, SYDNEY (WiMAX Day). Unwired Australia has had impressive performance this year. In its Q2 financial report, Unwired management discussed its results with superlative adjectives such as “saved,” “transformed,” and “improved,” leading one to wonder ... continue...

Telcos commit $3.8b for Japan WiMAX

October 11, 2007, TOKYO (WiMAX Day). Final applications were made today to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan for the right to bid on 2.5 GHz WiMAX spectrum licenses. The Ministry received an application from ... continue...

WiMAX Network Operator Stocks

AT&T37.63   +0.18
Austar1.56   -0.01
Axtel Cpo24.81   +0.07
B C E Inc40.35   +0.41
Bollore134.37   -0.63
Brasil Telecom Part.70.74   -0.43
Cable & Wireless181.50   -2.20
China Mobile Limi84.05   +2.78
China Netcom21.40   +0.15
China Unicom14.36   +0.36
Clearwire Corp12.40   +0.23
Comstar UTS11.10   -0.20
Craig Wireless Sy4.04   -0.01
Embratel Par-on7.25   +0.00
Far Eastone Telec38.50   +0.00
3065.two0.00   +0.00
France Telecom Ad38.03   -0.71
Iliad69.00   +5.33
KT Corp27.67   +2.95
Maxis Comm BHD3.22   +0.00
Neuf Cegetel N34.04   +0.15
Nextwave Wireless5.63   +0.15
Nippon Telephone 22.69   +0.15
Hellenic Tele Ads18.69   -0.02
Rogers Wireless44.59   +1.15
SK Telecom0.00   +0.00
Softbank Corp Ord21.80   +0.80
Sprint Nxtel Cp15.08   +0.23
Swisscom N410.00   +4.50
Tatung Co Ltd Twd15.60   -0.50
Tecom Co Twd1022.30   -0.30
Telecom Sao Paulo27.46   -0.05
Telefonica Arg Ne12.63   -0.17
Telefonica O2 Cr20.24   +0.45
Teliasonera410.45   +2.51
Telecom NZ4.27   +0.07
Telekom Austria A59.65   +2.15
Telekom Malaysia 10.50   +0.10
Telkom Sa Ltd Ads98.63   +3.38
Telmex35.49   +1.12
Telenor Asa Ads 71.10   +2.85
Unwired Fpo0.50   +0.00
Vimpel Commun32.72   +1.67
Vivendi30.52   +0.32
Vodafone Grp Plc 38.38   +0.60
Videsh Sanchar Ni525.65   +10.20
Ytl E-solutions B0.56   -0.01