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UK Broadband gets WiMAX license upgraded for mobile use

November 23, 2007, LONDON (WiMAX Day). The UK telecoms regulator Ofcom announced that it will amend the WiMAX spectrum license of UK Broadband to allow for the provision of mobility. According to an Ofcom press release, "the change ... continue...

WiMAX a key beneficiary of IMT spectrum expansion

November 16, 2007, GENEVA (WiMAX Day). The business strategies of companies often change; some joint ventures can thrive whilst others may be perilous or quixotic. Yet the central characteristics of a winning technology are immutable. Such is the ... continue...

Peru will auction 2.6 GHz WiMAX spectrum

November 16, 2007, LIMA (WiMAX Day). The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) in Peru announced its plan to launch an auction next month for spectrum suitable for WiMAX services, according to BNamericas, citing a ministry statement. ProInversion, ... continue...

Five bidders take 2.6 GHz WiMAX spectrum in Norway

November 15, 2007, OSLO (WiMAX Day). The Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (NPT) completed an auction this week of 2.6 GHz radio frequencies, the ... continue...

Swiss auction regional WiMAX spectrum

November 2, 2007, BIEL-BIENNE (WiMAX Day). The Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) in Switzerland announced that it will issue  licenses for 3.6 GHz WiMAX spectrum on a regional level. OFCOM has already auctioned national licenses in the 3400 ... continue...

MGM appeals auction rules

October 30, 2007, MILAN (WiMAX Day). The Italian company MGM Productions srl has lodged an appeal against the rules for the auction of 3.5 GHz spectrum in Italy. The case is to be heard in the higher civil ... continue...

Italian auction of 3.5 GHz WiMAX spectrum confused on mobility

October 25, 2007, MILAN (WiMAX Day). This week the Ministry of Communications in Italy published its guidelines for the auction of 3.5 GHz WiMAX spectrum. Unlike recent auctions of similar spectrum in Germany and France, the Italian Ministry ... continue...

WiMAX comes of age and gains IMT-2000 classification

October 19, 2007, GENEVA (WiMAX Day). At a meeting of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) yesterday, it was agreed that a sixth new standard, “IMT-2000 OFDMA TDD WMAN,” be admitted to the family of IMT-2000 radio interface specifications. IMT-2000 ... continue...

Future WiMAX Spectrum Auctions

Date Frequency Country
Q4 2007 2.5 ~ 2.69 GHz Japan
Q4 2007 2.5 ~ 2.69 GHz Thailand
Q4 2007 3.4 ~ 3.69 GHz Thailand
Q1 2008 3.4 ~ 3.69 GHz Italy
Q1 2008 3.4 ~ 3.8 GHz Portugal
Q1 2008 2.5 ~ 2.69 GHz UK
Q2 2008 2.5 ~ 2.69 GHz Austria
Q2 2008 2.5 ~ 2.69 GHz Sweden
Q2 2008 2.5 ~ 2.69 GHz Ukraine
Q2 2008 3.4 ~ 3.69 GHz Chile
Q3 2008 3.4 ~ 3.69 GHz Brazil
Q4 2008 2.3 ~ 2.39 GHz Hong Kong
2009 - 10 2.5 ~ 2.69 GHz Hong Kong