Are Baby Strollers and Baby Prams the Same Thing?

When you think of the word “best strollers for newborn“, you probably think of a baby carrying a pram or a baby carriage. Various styles of carrying children were used in many different cultures and historical times. These methods included:

  • baby carriages
  • baby slings
  • portable jogging strollers
  • baby backpacks
  • jogging strollers
  • baby pouches
  • bicycle carriers
  • baby backpacks

The Very First Strollers:

1855: The modern baby stroller was first created in the US by Mary Poppins in 1855. It is one of the most popular child carriers today. The Baby Stroller was designed for easy maneuverability, low-cost transport and lightweight comfort.

1980: In the years 1980, the Baby Stroller has undergone several changes that made it more comfortable and convenient for parents to use. Some of the significant features of the baby stroller of today are built in cup holders for babies’ bottles, built in containers to hold other baby items and removable or adjustable harnesses. A major design change with the baby stroller of the year 1980 was the use of a foldable frame, which made it easier to carry the stroller around. The ability of folding the frame has helped baby strollers to be smaller and easier to carry.

Modern Day Strollers: The carriage chair stroller is another popular baby transportation system used today. This style of stroller can seat an infant up to forty pounds. It has a seat that reclines fully, a large storage basket under the seat, and a footrest attached to the front of the seat. The basket is accessible from the side of the stroller and can carry a number of infant items including toys, diapers, blankets, wash cloths, bottles and more. The carrier on the stroller can be adjusted to position the baby facing Mom or Dad, or to face the other side.

Tips for Maintaining a Baby Stroller:

  • For a baby’s safety, a baby stroller must be properly maintained. It is important to ensure the proper chain tension, the motor should be properly oiled, and all of the mechanisms should be inspected for any signs of wear.

Ensuring that the infant is comfortable is perhaps the most important part of using a baby stroller. Most parents like to see their babies smile and see them happy, and for this reason they like to make sure that their baby’s ride is comfortable. Click link now for more information