How to Swim in Pools in Mild Cold Season?

How to Swim in Pools in Mild Cold Season?

A pool heater in Dubai is among the most popular, efficient, and cost-effective devices for maintaining pool water at a comfortable temperature all season long. Also called a heat exchanger, a pool heater heats up your pool by suckling some water to a pre-heated heating unit and then depositing the warmed water back into the pool. Like any other type of swimming pool equipment, the costs and longevity of a pool heater can vary greatly. Let’s take a look at what you should consider when looking for and buying a heater.

Keep Pool Temperature Moderate Instead of Boiling

The biggest selling point to a pool heater is their ability to provide super-low temperatures without blowing all the water out of the pool. Some models are equipped with acoustic compressor covers that further reduce the temperature drop by allowing the warm air to circulate around the outer edge of the heat exchanger fins. In order to keep the temperatures even you must occasionally open the doors and let the water evaporate naturally.

The Price, Brand and Model

The prices of these devices will vary depending on the brand and model, the size of the heater and the size of your pool. You may also want to consider the energy rating of the heating solutions you purchase. These are very important factors in selecting the right pool heat pump.

Types of Pool Heaters

Electric Pool Heaters: If you do decide to buy electric heat pump heaters, you should always make sure that you properly install it in the area where it’s going to be used. The installation process is not nearly as complicated as it may seem. It is usually a simple matter of wrapping electrical wires around a pipe and securing them into place with cement.

Gas pool heaters: These are an excellent choice for homeowners who live in areas where the weather is warm most of the time. They do require that they are installed in an area where they will be left unattended. This can be an issue if you have small children or pets that can get too close to the device.

The solar pool heater: These have very few pros and a lot of cons. This type of pool heater does not require any installation and does not have to be hooked up to electricity or a gas line. The cons of solar pool heating devices are minimal, and they do not have as big of a price tag as gas powered devices do. Just remember to never keep your artificial grass in Dubai away from the pool heater.