The downsides of home elevators

The downsides of home elevators

According to best elevator maintenance company in UAE, there are hundreds of people including kids and adults who report of having accident while climbing up or down the stairs. We have seen some articles where there is a whole rocket science about how to design the safest staircase. But when a person is thinking of some stuff and forgets a stair, it seems like someone has been pushed into a deep well. Or if the lights are out, climbing down the stairs seems to be a very difficult thing to do. And that is why it is recommended that you install home elevators in home.

There are different benefits of adding home elevator in UAE at home like it increases the value of the home, it is safer than stairs, it is best for old folks and much more. But as good as it is, there are some challenges of home elevator and, you will learn about these challenges here.


Even though it has many benefits but the first challenge is that it is very expensive to install. The labor and technicians will take many days to install it successfully.

Messy Work

While it is being installed, a lot part of your home is destroyed and it can take ages to clean the mess.


When we are in the malls, we don’t hear the sound of the elevators and this is because the motors are in the basement. And no matter how big your basement is, there will always be a noise in the house when it is turned on.


There will be a lot of maintenance that you might have to do. The basic maintenance is easy but, you have to spend a lot of money on professional maintenance and that has to be done at least once in two months.

Home Structure

If you have a big house then installing a home elevator is not an issue but if you have a small house, then it can become impossible to install a home elevator.


If you have kids at home, sooner or later, they will damage it. But now a days, you can find home elevator systems that come with a child lock as well.

State Laws

There are some state laws that enable more taxes on home that have a home elevator.