What should you consider while choosing the tile size?

There are almost infinite tile sizes and, while it is undeniably true that choice is one of the keypads, the pressure of choice will make a decision difficult. In Meraki Ceramics’ latest blog, we explain the different applications for various sizes and recommend the right size for any room.

In terms of the way they were or fixed on the wall, it is important to consider considerations like the type of space your tiling, the color scheme and the appropriate tile patterns. Everyone has a function to play these aspects, but everything can be condensed. You can get on touch with leading interior and ceiling tile suppliers in Dubai to know more about the available tile sizes.

The principle of tiling is not only easy to maintain and longevity, but also the potential to have a real effect on space or place. How do we want to have an impact? Well, sometimes this will take us to the final tile size decision.

There is typically no taste policy but you think about this as though you are in a small suite with wall by wall brick tiles (100 x 300 mm), that might perpetuate the feeling of claustrophobia and that’s not really something you like. Bathrooms are typically not the largest of space and so it follows that we will ideally pick tiles that make them look larger than they are. On floors the scale is typically ideal for bathrooms 600×600 mm, while on general walls we can aim for as many as 300×600 pieces as possible, maybe with a features wall or backsplash, on which we can really bring a point of interest to the space using smaller tile pieces like mosaic or brick tile, for example.

In spite of the need to add an illusion of room to the above stated 600 x 600 mm, it is critical that these larger size cartons are separated in one of the selected areas with an accent tile. Some people may also want to concentrate on the shower area.

A true stone plate or any of our iconic porcelain-stone influence larger size tiles will deliver a great bag and counter top for the kitchen for the more high-end approach. For floors, we will typically consider the 600 x 600 mm solution, which is close to bathrooms. Get Grespania wall tiles for your bathroom walls and get the best look you can perceive.

Which way you choose to go, it is important to take the time to consider the effect of your choice and to seek good and bad tile choices. Contact us today if you need our specialist tile size consultation that best fits your requirements!